What would the election of Donald Trump (a man not too keen on trade with foreign countries) as president mean for sportswear giant Nike?

The brand's co-founder and chairman Phil Knight doesn't seem to care. In a new interview on CNBC's Squawk on the Street, Knight was asked what he thought about Trump's "protectionist rhetoric."

"Well, all four of the leading candidates are basically anti-trade right now," Knight said. "Trump may be the most verbal. But it's funny, I'll give you a funny answer. I don't worry about it for Nike."

Knight went on to predict that Nike could benefit in some way if footwear brands across the board were forced to raise prices due to trade restrictions.

"Basically our average selling price is $88 in the low end for somebody else [it] is maybe $60. If our price goes up to $125, they have to go up to $100. We'll probably gain market share."

Knight, who is registered as a republican in his home state of Oregon, says he's not supporting any of the presidential candidates for now.

A portion of Knight's interview appears above.