Remember the mysterious sneaker that LeBron James debuted during pregame yesterday? While there was speculation that it could be the Nike LeBron 14, it turns out that the more likely assumption of it being the LeBron Soldier 10 proved to be true.

The Wear Testers crew previews James' new team model in a white and blue colorway, and there's a lot of shoe to take in. A progression of the LeBron Soldier 9, the new model inherits the double-strap system, using it to lock in what appears to be a laceless, breathable open-hole mesh upper. Perhaps the most noticeable change from last season is the extended boot-like collar, which is supported by a third cross-strap. Below sits a forefoot and heel Zoom cushioned sole and a diamond-shaped traction pattern.

The Soldier is typically a summer shoe, so we'll probably find out more about the next installment soon. In the meantime, read on for a few more angles.

Nike LeBron 10 White/University Blue (2)

Nike LeBron 10 White/University Blue (3)