Nike jumped over a Turkish footwear company last week, with the U.K.'s Intellectual Property Office handing the sportswear giant a victory over its use of the term "Jumpman."

World IP Review reports that the IPO upheld its decision to let Nike register a trademark for the term. Turkish sneaker maker Intermar Simanto Nahmias opposed Nike's 2007 attempt to trademark the term on the grounds that it's owned a trademark for "Jump" since 2006 and that consumers could get the two confused. Both are class 25 trademarks, which cover apparel and footwear, filed with the European Union.

Nike then went the route of seeking national trademarks for "Jumpman," including one for the U.K. Intermar Simanto Nahmias opposed that trademark too, according to World IP Review.

The U.K.'s IPO dismissed Intermar Simanto Nahmias' opposition in October, 2014, reasoning that its sales figures were a tiny piece of the market for shoes in the European Union. It upheld this decision on Friday, April 22.

The term Jumpman is used in connection with Jordan Brand and Air Jordan products