Most of Penny Hardaway's Foamposite sneakers focus on his Orlando Magic colors, but Nike's spent some time referencing the other teams he played on.

What they've never done on Foams is reference his very short time with the Golden State Warriors, who selected Hardaway as the third overall pick in the 1993 NBA Draft. In a new interview with Nice Kicks, the NBA legend says he's hoping that Nike will create a shoe nodding to that brief era in his career.

"I would love to see a new colorway like a Golden State Foamposite from me and Chris Webber being traded," he says. "I think Wale and I spoke about that maybe three or four years ago because he’s a sneakerhead and he loves the Foams."

Nike did create a Golden State look for the Air Go, and the "Electrolime" Foam was kind of an indirect homage to the team.

If there ever was a time to slap the Golden State colorway onto sneakers, now would be it with the historic run the team is putting together.