Michael Jordan's battle against knockoff sportswear company Qiaodan is back on, with an appeal hearing in China starting on Tuesday, Bloomberg reports.

Qiaodan is accused of misleading customers to believe its products are connected to the retired NBA star, an accusation that makes perfect sense if you take one look at the type of sneakers they pump out.

A court in Beijing dismissed the case in July, 2015, deciding that consumers wouldn't necessarily make a connection between Qiaodan's goods and Michael Jordan (Despite the fact that the brand's name is just a transliteration of "Jordan").

Jordan is hopeful that the appeal, which is being heard by the Supreme People's Court in China, will put an end to the misuse of his name.

"I believe my Chinese fans and all Chinese consumers deserve to know what they are buying, and that Qiaodan Sports and its products have no connection to me," he said in a statement posted by Xinhua. "I respect the Chinese legal system, and I look forward to the court's ruling."