A popular Instagram sneaker seller is in the middle of a federal investigation, KOIN6 reports.

Investigators from the IRS and the Department of Homeland Security searched the home of James Pepion, the man behind @suppliedpdx and Get-Supplied.com, on April 6, seizing 1,560 pairs of Nikes, 40 pairs of adidas, and seven pairs of Asics.

According to KOIN6, the investigation was initiated by Nike, who began looking into Pepion's business on March 5. Investigators found that Pepion's PayPal account for his business received a total of $2,615,988 since 2012, with many comments attached to transactions calling the sneakers he sold fake.

He is accused of selling fake, unauthorized, and grey market sneakers produced outside of Nike's partnered factories.

A search warrant reveals that federal agents intercepted packages sent to Pepion's home in Happy Valley, Ore. Of 17 searches performed, agents found that all but one package contained counterfeit goods. Google was served with a search warrant during the investigation, the resulting inquiries connecting Pepion to a Chinese national suspected of organizing the theft and sale of sneakers from factories.

Pepion has not yet been charged, but his footprint online is rapidly disappearing—his website and connected Instagram account have already been taken down.

In a statement issued to KOIN6, Nike laid out its commitment to fight against counterfeits:

“Nike aggressively protects our brand, our retailers, and most importantly our consumers against counterfeiting. We actively work with law enforcement and customs officials around the world to combat the production and sale of counterfeit product, and are supporting Homeland Security Investigations in this investigation.”