Today is St. Patrick's Day, and unless you're okay with a bunch of annoying co-workers and friends pinching you, you're probably stepping out wearing green. Fortunately for us sneakerheads, there's probably a pair of green kicks stashed away in the collection, making dressing appropriately for the holiday a little less difficult.

Over the years, sneaker companies have embraced St. Patrick's Day by releasing holiday-inspired sneakers in March. These shoes are typically green-based with leprechaun and/or shamrock graphics visible on the upper. The Nike Air Force 1, Air Max 90 and Reebok Sir Jam are just a few models that have been recipients of this theme.

However, there's an extremely long list of green sneakers that weren't specifically designed for St. Patrick's Day, but make great options to lace up today. We've put together this list of the 17 best.