Thieves in Atlanta made off with hundreds of pairs of shoes over the weekend, snatching thousands of dollars of inventory while ransacking a storage unit.

The victim, reseller @23penny, says he was out of town at a sneaker convention when it happened. When he returned to his storage unit, which houses a portion of the inventory for his online business, after the weekend, the on-site manager let him know there was an incident.

"The worst-case scenario happened," he said in an interview today. "They stole pretty much all the shoes."

He estimates the thieves took upwards of 400 shoes worth around $50,000 in total. From some of the stuff he says they left behind—high value shoes like Pinnacle Jordan 1s—it's clear that whoever was behind the robbery didn't know much about sneakers.

According to the victim, the thieves rented a storage unit in the same facility as his on Friday and returned during the weekend to ransack some 71 units. He says he filed a police report in addition to the one filed by the storage unit facility.

Fortunately, many of the sneakers taken in the robbery were on the low end in value, which minimizes the damage done to his business. 23penny says that he's remaining positive about the situation.

"I'm fortunate enough to have a business where I have a lot of people that support me. I have a great infrastructure set up where I'll be able to bounce back. I appreciate everyone reaching out: the emails, the calls, the texts, the tweets."