While high-end takes on classic sneakers are sure to upset the footwear obsessed, at least one exec in the sportswear industry says he's actually flattered by the riffs.

In a piece from the New York Times, Nike CEO Mark Parker describes stumbling across a Louis Vuitton design inspired by an old Nike runner and his unexpected reaction.

"I realized it when I was in New York a while ago and looking at the Louis Vuitton windows and was surprised to see a shoe almost directly taken from a shoe I had developed in 1983," Parker says. "I was more flattered than anything else."

Parker doesn't name the Nike model he's referring, but a likely one is the original Air Pegasus, which he worked on during his early days with the brand.

A possibility for the Louis Vuitton shoe in question is the Run Away, pictured below, whose name describes exactly what you should do if you ever see someone wearing a pair.

Image via Louis Vuitton