How does Nike CEO Mark Parker feel about missing out on Steph Curry? Or the personal jabs Kanye West has taken at him?

Those questions are asked of him in this new interview from Bloomberg, although he doesn't really tackle them straight on. Parker is a master of brand speak so his answers always land on message, but he did say that Nike is happy with its current roster.

"We don't have Steph," Parker admits. "But we have some amazing athletes. I think we should not forget the incredible athletes that Nike has. A range of athletes across all sports—very happy with the athletes." 

On the subject of West and his success with adidas, Parker says that Nike's focused foremost on athletes as endorsers.

"We're all about athletes. Really our bottom line, our core, is about athletes. And again, 'athletes' is not just the world-class athletes, it's all athletes."