The latest salute to Kobe Bryant and his legendary career comes courtesy of official NBA sock maker Stance, who has unveiled a commemorative Bryant collection.

Inspired by Bryant’s eye for detail, personal aesthetic and the year-long #KB20 campaign, the collection consists of three different styles, one of which will be worn in-game by the Los Angeles Lakers today.

The first sock, dubbed “The Final,” is purple, gold, white and black and bears the numbers “2” and “4.” This pair will be worn by the Lakers against the Golden State Warriors at Staples Center.

Cartoon caricatures of Bryant during the younger number “8” years and the more seasoned “24” portion of his career appear on the “K. Bryant” pair. Lastly, the “Kobe Faces” socks are styled in Lakers colors and play on Bryant’s Hero/Villain line of merchandise.

The limited edition collection is available now at,, and at Staples Center.

Kobe Stance Socks (2)