Is adidas actually going to make a million pairs of Yeezys this year? Kanye West says so, but it's going to take some work from the brand, which has to figure out how to speed up its production processes for the shoes.

Adidas' Jon Wexler, the man behind West's deal with the Three Stripes, explains in a new interview why they haven't been able to mass produce Yeezys yet.

"You end up in a situation where you can't produce as many as you like because it takes X-amount of time to sew those sneakers together," he explains at around the nine-minute mark. "You can only get so much of this Boost material from NASA, basically. The goal is though, by later this year, to have a much stronger output of all of our sneakers cause demand is so high."

Sounds like adidas was listening when West told them, "Put a million in production."

Watch Wexler's interview with The Breakfast Club above to hear him talk about Nike, Jordan, getting begged for free sneakers, and more.