Kanye West Is Giving 33 Fans Who Correctly Guessed His Album Title Free Yeezys

by Brandon Richard

As promised, Kanye West is giving fans who correctly guessed his album title free Yeezys.

Yesterday, the rapper revealed the final tracklisting for the new project, along with the meaning of T.L.O.P., aka The Life of Pablo. On Tuesday, West tweeted the album's acronym, offering Yeezy Season 3 tickets and free Yeezys to anyone who could guess it.

As soon as West made the announcement, several fans came forward to note their correct guesses.

In fact, according to West's DONDA creative partner Elon Rutberg, 33 fans correctly guessed the title — and they'll all be receiving their free Yeezys. So if you tweeted the title before Kanye made it official, make sure you're following @elonrutberg.

The Life of Pablo is expected to release sometime today.