A sneaker collector is out $413 and a rare pair of Nike Flyknits after having his sneakers seized by customs.

Vincent Guevarra, who lives in Denmark, posted about his dilemma in the Flyknit France Club Facebook group. He says his girlfriend bought the sneakers for him and had them shipped from Singapore. While Guevarra contends the sneakers are legitimate, and members of the group and this writer agree, the Danish government seized the package and declared the goods fake.

Gueverra did have the sneakers shipped in a replica Nike box, which he thinks made customs suspicious about the package.

In a letter sent to Guevarra by the Danish government, customs agents have threatened to destroy the sneakers unless he can provide evidence that they're authentic.

Guevarra says he was asked to provide a receipt for the sneakers, but wasn't able to as this Nike Flyknit Trainer never got a retail release. Instead he sent along a random Nike receipt. Now he claims they've told him he has until March to prove that they're real or they'll be destroyed. Guevarra's sneakers have been held by customs since Jan. 6.

According to Guevarra, a law firm representing Nike in Denmark says that the sneakers are fake. While he's hoping Nike catches wind of the situation and makes things right, it's unlikely they'll help as samples like these aren't meant to be sold.