Where do rappers go to shop for sneakers? Some of them have connects out grabbing footwear for them while others have personal connections to boutiques. Packer Shoes is one of the stores that's cultivated a clientele of MCs, with Jadakiss and Fabolous becoming regulars.

In this video from Mighty Healthy, owner Mike Packer talks about how those relationships came to be. 

It turns out Jadakiss hasbeen coming by the store in its various iterations (Packer Shoes is a family business that's been around since 1907) since he was seven. Jada and others followed the store from its location in The Bronx to its current home in Teaneck, N.J., building a relationship that Packer says extends beyond the customer level.

"Whether it's NBA players, NFL players, you sort of have a web of people that get built up over time," Packer explains. "And if you're treating these people just like normal people it's something that just comes back to you over and over. We're able to not just have them as customers but count them as friends."