In response to Nike's termination of Manny Pacquiao's contract over anti-gay remarks he made earlier this week, some of his biggest fans are calling for a boycott against the sportswear giant.

In a video uploaded by a man identified as Oriel Balloon, Pacquiao fans are seen gathering at the parking lot of the Cebu Coliseum in the Philippines. Holding a pair of his own shoes, a man state, “Burn the Nike sole for my soul,” before throwing them on top of a larger pile of Nikes. Another man then pours gasoline on the pole and the shoes are all set on fire.

As the shoes burned, the man repeatedly explained that his group has love for the LGBT community, but doesn’t agree with their “agenda.”

“Again, we do not hate LGBT people,” he said. “We hate their agenda. The Nike shoes drop out their support to Manny Pacquiao as endorser. Today, in response, without hatred, we show, we burn these shoes to show our support that gay marriage is not right.”

As the crowd watched, the man stated, “Philippines is for Jesus,” which drew an ovation.

Pacquiao described same-sex couples as being worse than animals in his controversial remarks. He has been boxing in Nike gear exclusively since 2006.

Manny Pacquiao Fans Burn Nike Shoes