A frustrated wife took to Reddit this week to vent about a massive sneaker purchase her husband made.

In her post, spotted by GQ, she says her husband is a sneaker collector but only buys one pair every couple of months at this point, having slowed down on his hobby. This made it all the more surprising when she came home one Saturday morning to find four shoe boxes scattered around the living room.

In the post, she asks him about the sneakers and, understandably, freaks out when she learns the truth about his purchase:

Then he dropped the bomb. He said those 4 pairs total cost us $2.5k. I had no idea what to say. I was completely dumbfounded. Who in their right mind spends $2.5k on 4 pairs of sneakers? He said he bought those 2 pairs off of a guy in a local sneaker group that he met up this morning. Each pair was $1k... I asked him wtf. He said he wanted a pair of the Yeezy's. But he had to buy 2 since he wanted "one to stock and one to rock". I was livid at this point I thought he was done with this bullshit and now he spends this month's mortgage on 4 pairs of fucking sneakers. He said the other 2 pairs he got at the mall so I'm going to get him to fucking return those.

The poster says her husband bought the "Pirate Black" Yeezy 350 Boosts that adidas recently brought back.

In a later comment, she finds a silver lining in the whole ordeal, writing that "on the bright side he did not waste 2 of his days lining up for a pair of stupid sneakers."