by Brendan Dunne

If you're reading this site you've no doubt pulled a new pair of sneakers out of their box and immediately taken a whiff. But how familiar are you with the real nuances of different sneaker bouquets?

The king of sneaker smelling just might be Jamie of consignment shop RIF LA, who appears in the above video from Sneaker Watch. In the clip, he throws on a blindfold and successfully identifies four out of four sneakers after smelling them.

The sample size isn't great here, and it's possible this was prearranged, but if nothing else it's amusing for the sake of watching a grown man shove his face into Yeezys while wearing a blindfold.

Sneaker scents have long been a go-to in the legit checking process, with wise buyers and sellers using strong glue smells to sniff out fakes.