It wasn’t just about the nominations and the limelight for one of Compton’s most lyrically gifted.

Kendrick Lamar was nominated for a whopping 11 Grammy Award, which an incredible achievement alone. He ended taking home five awards, including Best Rap Song and Rap Album of the Year.

However Lamar and Reebok Classic teamed up, for an event the day before, in effort to bring encouragement and inspiration to the youth.

In honor of Lamar’s past, Reebok Classic gave students from his former high school, Centennial High School, an opportunity that doesn’t come along often—to be a part of the Grammy festivities.

The chosen students were able to display characteristics that resemble a young Lamar. These characteristics are aspects Reebok Classic pushes for, along with having the determination to express whom they are.

Leading up to the ceremony, a number of students received an invitation to spend the day with Lamar. They each were picked up by a limo and was given a Reebok Classic gift bag, which of course had a Classic pair inside. They were even given the chance to ask questions to their favorite hip hop artist.  

At which point, Lamar expressed where some of his music inspiration comes from.

“I say one of my biggest influences, probably Ozzie Brothers, Snoop, and Dre.”

Lamar inspires and connects with fans with his passion in his music. That is what has help propel him to where he’s at today. That is something Reebok Classic is striving for.