adidas NMD Yellow (1)

What the Ultra Boost was for adidas in 2015, the NMD may be for the brand this year.

After a few limited drops, expect adidas to turn up the dial on the NMD in the coming months, releasing a variety of colorways for both men and women. It's also evident that they'll explore different materials on the casual runner — mesh, fleece and Primeknit versions are all previewed here.

Official sneaker release dates aren't tied to any of the colorways yet, but expect fresh looks at retail soon.


adidas NMD Grey/Blue

adidas NMD Grey/Red

adidas NMD Grey/Red

adidas NMD Navy

adidas NMD Black/White-Blue


adidas NMD Women's Black/Navy

adidas NMD Women's Tan/Peach

adidas NMD Women's Black/Pink

adidas NMD Women's White/Blue

adidas NMD Women's Red

adidas NMD Women's Black/Silver