by Brendan Dunne

Thanks to Reebok's partnership with the UFC and its new athlete outfitting policy, fighters aren't allowed to show up to events in non-Reebok gear. It sounds like mixed martial artist Matt Mitrione knew that already, but that didn't stop him from arriving at an event this week with Air Jordans on.

Rather than switch to Reeboks, Mitrione decided to just go barefoot.

"I had some Js on my feet and that was not part of the attire," Mitrione explains. "So I came in barefooted."

Mitrione says he thought it was possible his Jordans would be considered "dressed up" and that he didn't necessarily know that he'd have to get rid of them.

Mitrione's been critical of the Reebok/UFC partnership in the past, calling out the brand with the below tweet.

Fighters like Rafael dos Anjos, Donald Cerrone and Nate Diaz have been fined thousands of dollars each for running afoul of the UFC's outfitting policy.

via Bloody Elbow