by Brendan Dunne

Kevin Hart wants people to know that his upcoming shoe, the Nike Hustle Hart, is strictly for performance – it's not a fashion sneaker.

The comedian took to The Breakfast Club in the above video to discuss, among other things, his first-ever Nike shoe that launches in April. In doing so, he finds a lofty comparison in Bo Jackson's storied Nike line and its cross-training aim.

"What Nike's doing with me is the same thing they did with Bo Jackson," Hart says. "This is the first sneaker that's basically built for everything. I run, jump, cut, I do lifting. I do it all. I got a sneaker that basically serves every purpose I need."

While Hart's presentation of the shoe makes it sound like a proper signature model, it seems that the Hustle Hart is more of a PE take on a forthcoming silhouette, the Nike Free Trainer Instinct.