by Zac Dubasik

On the heels of his recently dropped “Facts,” an anti-Nike diss track, Kanye West was all smiles walking through LAX today when he was stopped by a reporter asking what he’d do if Nike offered him $1 billion to sign.

While admitting it was a good question, Kanye went on to say, “It’s not about the money man, it’s about the respect.” When pressed whether that meant he was saying “No,” to the question, West responded with “adidas is my family.”

He may not have exactly offered a clear-cut answer, but he did provide some interesting information regarding his clothing line. When the same reporter complained that he’d like to wear his clothes, but they’re too expensive, Ye responded by saying “We got to get ‘em lower. Next season.”

There was no word whether the sneakers will get any easier to acquire, but when it comes to respect, that’s something his fans would surlely gain if so.