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The Jumpman is one of the most recognizable logos of all time. As evidence, look no further than yesterday’s unveiling of the Air Jordan 30—the 28th straight edition of the Air Jordan to incorporate the logo into its design

With that great popularity comes imitation. Sometimes that imitation comes purely out of admiration. Sometimes it comes with the intent to deceive. And sometimes, things go so wrong that they are neither paying respect, nor fooling anyone. We searched fakefiles for the worst examples of these Jumpmen gone wrong.

Crossover Man

Bedazzled Man

Chubby Man

Disconnected Man

Hoof Man

Gumby Man

Earring Man

Swim Man

Stick Figure Man

Scratch-Off Man

Rag Doll Man

Three Arm Man

Mole Man

Crooked Man

Reverse Jumpman

Broken Arm Man

Nice Kicks Man

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Casually Dribbling Up the Court Man

Cheer Woman

Legalize It Man

Hair Man

via No Way Girl

Disco Man

Beard Man