Cam Newton Teammates Names Cleats (1)
via Jordan Getz for USA Today Sports

by Brandon Richard

After a 49-15 trouncing of the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC Championship Game, Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers are on their way to Super Bowl 50. There, they'll meet the AFC Champion Denver Broncos for the iconic Lombardi Trophy.

Before Newton officially suited up for Sunday's game, he took the field in a pair of his Under Armour C1N cleats bearing the names of all of his teammates. With a closer look, you'll see names like Jonathan Stewart, Luke Kuechly and Ted Ginn Jr., along with each player's uniform number.

Newton has made headlines all season long with his flashy custom cleat designs. Now, a two week wait to see what he has lined up for Santa Clara.

Cam Newton Teammates Names Cleats (2)