Sneaker Twitter January 31, 2016

Twitter provides a social platform for breaking news and instant reactions. Among the most opinionated users are sneakerheads, who rarely pass up an opportunity to get jokes off when a new situation hits the timeline. However, Twitter is fast-moving, so there's a good amount of Tweets that don't get the recognition they deserve.

To change that, we've rounded up the best sneaker-related tweets from the past week. Sneakerheads had a lot to say about corny sneaker photos, Kanye vs. Wiz and poor shipping practices. Scroll through, have a laugh and give a follow to anyone you think deserves it.

Get In Where You Fit In


A Penny For Your Cuffs

Celebrate Success Right

Parental Guidance

Second Opinion

Notice Left


G.O.O.D. Newz

Cool Pants