Air Jordan Panic Attacks
via Humans of NY

by Brandon Richard

The bullying discussion is picking up momentum across the country, but it's hardly a new issue. It's particularly prevalent at our children's schools, where they're often teased for what they do or do not have. Even now, kids are being made fun of for not wearing the "coolest" clothing and sneakers, which sometimes has a bigger impact than most realize.

In a recent Humans of NY entry, a young man explained how not having Air Jordans made his schooling experience miserable.

“At my high school, the first kid to get a pair of new Jordans was the king, and the kid who couldn’t afford them was bait for the sharks. My mom and I didn’t have much money so I got teased a lot."

Beyond that, the kid says the constant teasing caused personal distress and even turned physical at times.

"Sometimes it got so bad that I’d have panic attacks. One day all the kids were being especially nice to me in history class. Everyone was acting like my friend, but as soon as the bell rang, they all threw soap at me at the same time."

This is just the latest reminder to keep an eye on the children in our lives and continue to instill proper values. Not only was this young man mentally and physically abused because of his sneakers, but his ability to receive a proper education was compromised. Fortunately, there are children out there already leading the fight against bullying at their own schools.

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