by Brendan Dunne

By Nike designer Tinker Hatfield's own admission, the Air Jordan XXX was a rush job. But, that won't be the case for the next shoe in the Air Jordan line — in fact, Hatfield says he's already done with the shoe.

"Basically, the 31's already designed," Hatfield explains in the above video. "The 32 has already been started. Having completed [the Air Jordan XXX] in many ways is really one of the first steps for those next shoes."

Hatfield suggests that the next two sneakers in the line will look similar to the Air Jordan XXX.

"In many ways, [the Air Jordan XXX] is inspiring the 31. And the 31 is then inspiring the 32. We're already into wear-testing on a lot of those things."

Tinker Hatfield Nike Designer
via Nike