by Brendan Dunne

What to do with that vintage pair of Air Jordans in your closet that's quickly deteriorating? You could retire them and turn them into a display piece, or you could try your hand at a sneaker restoration.

One of the bigger names in the restoration game is RetroSnickers, who just upped another impressive video on his YouTube, this one focusing on a 1994 pair of "Black/Cement" Air Jordan 3s. He takes the shoe from being an unwearable, crumbling mess into a pretty close approximation of the original.

Of course, the final product doesn't source original materials for its replacement parts. The sole is stripped and replaced with one from a newer retro, while the "Nike Air" badge on back is swapped out for a 3D printed piece.

Watch the video to see this beat pair of Jordans get brought back from the dead.