Images via The Coveteur

by Brendan Dunne

The sneaker tendencies of The Roots co-founder Questlove are well known, after all, Nike did give the man his own Air Force 1 collaboration, but the world has rarely gotten a full look at his collection.

A new piece at The Coveteur gives readers an idea of what sort of footwear he's amassed over the years. His collection is Nike-heavy, with LeBrons, Air Force 1s, Air Jordans and more decorating the shelves in his dedicated sneaker room. Unsurprisingly there are Yeezys in there too, both of the adidas and Nike persuasion, that were gifted to Questo by Kanye West himself. Although, Quest says West doesn't appreciate how he treats the shoes.

"Ye complains that I'm disrespecting his brand," Quest says when explaining that he's worn his Yeezys into the ground.

Questlove says he has over 2,000 pairs of sneakers and that they are like children to him.