Air Jordan 11 Moon Landing (1)
via Sivasdescalzo

by Brandon Richard

Early this morning, Spain-based sneaker shop Sivasdescalzo tweeted a link promoting a "Moon Landing" Air Jordan 11 quickstrike release for Monday. On the landing page was a pretty obvious rendering of an Air Jordan 11 styled after last year's popular Nike Air Max Lunar90, with a countdown clock to boot. The tweet was quickly deleted, but it raised enough questions to get A.M. Sneaker Twitter buzzing. Is there really a new Air Jordan 11 on the way?

Twitter detectives quickly went to work. It turns out that Monday (December 28) in Spain and Spanish-speaking countries is el Día de los Santos Inocentes, the Spanish equivalent to our April Fool's Day, and the "Moon Landing" 11 appears to be Sivasdescalzo's joke for the holiday. Everything seems clear now, but there were definitely a few people hypebeasting over non-existant sneakers this morning before the prank was uncovered. So, in that regard, nicely done Sivasdescalzo.

Air Jordan 11 Moon Landing (2)

Air Jordan 11 Moon Landing (3)

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