by Zac Dubasik

Not all custom sneakers are created equal. And for every great one, there are seemingly hundreds – if not thousands – of bad ones. What makes this even worse is that while sometimes these bad customs are done using fake sneakers, often they’re done at the expense of legit ones. We’ve searched eBay to find some of the worst examples, both real and fake, of custom Air Jordans.

Air Jordan 10 “Laser”

Price: $75 Buy It Now
This seamless, fake Air Jordan 10 features a portrait that’s presumably of MJ. “Presumably” because the portrait is on an Air Jordan, not because it shares any actual resemblance to MJ.

Air Jordan 5 “3Lab5”

Price: $300 Buy It Now 
Fair enough – these aren’t all that much worse than the actual 3Lab5s.

Air Jordan 4 “Paranorman”

Price: $625 Buy It Now  
The most "paranormal" thing about this custom is why someone would ruin a perfectly good pair of "Oreo" Air Jordan 4s at the expense of the project.

Air Jordan 5 “Galaxy”

Price: $150 Buy It Now 
This “Galaxy” Air Jordan 5 follows the typical formula of lesser customizers: 1. Choose a hyped colorway. 2. Recreate said colorway on a different model. 3. Execute it as poorly as possible.

Air Jordan 1 “Leggo”

Price: $200 Buy It Now 
Although they appear to be inspired by the infamous “eBay” Dunks, this seller claims these are “LEGGO” themed, apparently because they were painted by a child whose main hobby is playing with Legos.

Air Jordan 3 “Oregon”

Price: $225 Buy It Now
Hopefully these splatter painted Oregon 3s don't allude to an upcoming uniform the Ducks will be wearing this season.

Air Jordan 1 “Shattered Backboard”

Price: $200 Buy It Now 
Miss out on the “Shattered Backboard” Air Jordan 1s? Don’t look to this custom, featuring a stick figure/green skeleton dunking and shattering a backboard, to fill the void.

Air Jordan 10 “Tiffany”

Price: $160 Buy It Now 
There are customizers these days that have us questioning whether what we are looking at is a custom sneaker or a legit sample. In contrast, this shoe just looks like someone ruined an Air Jordan 10 by covering it in paint.

Air Jordan 4 “Safari”

Price: $40 Starting Bid
Ever wonder what an Air Jordan would look like using Nike’s “other” print? Neither have we, but this custom unsurprisingly proves that it’s not a good idea.

Air Jordan 11 “Black/Gold”

Price: $190 Buy It Now
According to the seller, these Concords “needed more exclusiveness.” Unfortunately for his sister, that apparently meant sacrificing her homecoming dress for the sake of his individuality.