Thabo Sefolosha wearing the Nike Air Max 1 Mid
via AP Photo

After an unfortunate incident sidelined him prematurely last season, Thabo Sefolosha is back in the Atlanta Hawks lineup. And while he's not typically a player who garners a lot of #SoleWatch attention, his footwear choices have been among the most unexpected to start the season.

In preseason and the first few regular season games, Sefolosha has strangely been playing in the Nike Air Max 1 Mid, a fairly new variation of the iconic runner that was introduced a little more than a year ago. And while the shoe is equipped with performance technology, it's technology that's nearly 30 years old — the Air Max 1 is barely even passable as a runner in 2015.

But something about the shoe works for Sefolosha, who has laced up various colorways of the casual retro in recent weeks. At the very least, the new mid-cut collar enhances support around the ankle. Playing in the Air Max 1 Mid is probably not much different from players wearing outdated retro Jordans and Nikes hoop shoes, but its designation as a way old runner is sure to raise a few eyebrows when spotted on a basketball court, particularly for a player returning from a broken leg. But perhaps it's that injury, coupled with the runner's comfort, that explains Sefolosha using it as a game shoe this season.

Thabo Sefolosha wearing the Black Nike Air Max 1 Mid

Thabo Sefolosha wearing the Red Nike Air Max 1 Mid

Thabo Sefolosha wearing the White/Navy Nike Air Max 1 Mid

Thabo Sefolosha wearing the White/Red Nike Air Max 1 Mid