Mark Wahlberg Jordan 4 Eminem
via Campless

by Brendan Dunne

Anyone who's paid attention to Mark Wahlberg's footwear over the past decade or so no doubt noticed that he's got a thing for sneakers. But, few probably would have guessed that he's sitting on a collection worth around $100,000.

Sneaker data website Campless got the chance to check out Wahlberg's collection and calculated its value based on their data on average eBay prices. They even created a profile for him here, although the shoes listed are only the retail pairs that he has – it turns out the site doesn't track some of the rarer, sample and promo-only stuff that he has access to.

Campless found that Wahlberg had $29,085 in sneakers that they do track, $4,200 in pairs that they don't track that were valued at their retail price and another $64,850 in rare sample and promo pairs (like the Eminem x Carhartt x Air Jordan 4 Mark's showing off above). In addition, Wahlberg's got other pairs in his collection scattered around the globe, which Campless estimates put the total value of his horde at over $100,000.

Mark Wahlberg Rare Sneakers
A breakdown of Wahlberg's most expensive sneakers.

If sneakerheads really want their feelings hurt, they should consider that Wahlberg probably didn't pay for the majority of the shoes that make up that $100,000 collection.