via @fart

by Zac Dubasik

For those of us that are into sneakers, roasting bad ones can be a bit of a hobby. Two Twitter users recently took this pastime to another level though, making it their full time job to harass @fart after he posted the below photo showing off some Vans sneakers in February. 

What followed was a barrage, lasting for months, of snaps on the shoes.

It's worth noting that the participants here are Weird Twitter users, so the whole back and forth should be read more as long-form troll than a serious debate on the merits of the shoes, but it's still worth flipping through. Thankfully, the whole exchange has been captured below for the enjoyment of readers.

The antagonists here deserve extra applause for getting through that whole thing without tossing a "What Are Thoooose?!" in there anywhere.