Blue Yeezy Boosts
via Kim Kardashian

by Brendan Dunne

Kim Kardashian just took to Twitter to show off a brand new adidas Yeezy 350 Boost colorway.

The sneaker showed up alongside the two adidas Yeezy 350 Boosts that have already released, the colorway that's coming on Nov. 14 and some of the newly released 950 Boots from Kanye West's adidas Yeezy Season 1 collection. The shoe lacks the pattern of previous 350 Boosts and seems to have a very faint blue tint to it.

It's possible that the blue tint is caused by a filter on the photo and that this is the all-white pair West previously wore.

It's unclear whether or not this pair is getting a retail release. If so, Sole Collector will have sneaker release date info on these Yeezy 350 Boosts.