EPIC CROOK FAIL: Do you recognize this thief? She tried to steal a package from a resident’s porch in the Crystal Ranch area this week. When she couldn’t quite manage it, she decided to steal the resident’s dirty shoes from the front porch instead. Please let us know if you know who she is. Please contact Corporal Blakely at Christopher.blakely@cityofconcord.org if you recognize the subject. Thank you!

Posted by Concord Police Department on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

by Brendan Dunne

Have you ever felt the pain of having a package stolen off your doorstep before you could pick it up? Have you ever felt the agony of getting your sneakers stolen? The unfortunate victim whose house appears in the above video managed to escape the former only to be familiarized with the latter.

The clip comes from Concord, Calif., and features a woman awkwardly trying to make off with a big box before eventually giving up. Eager not to leave without some loot, she grabs the dirty pair of sneakers sitting right by it instead. 

According to NBC Bay Area, the shoes she grabbed were a size 11.5 pair of Air Jordans – it's tough to tell what model it is from the grainy video but the shape suggests an Air Jordan 11.

Anyone who recognizes the subject, or sees a woman walking around Concord with a pair of dirty Jordans that's way to big for her, is advised to get in touch with Corporal Blakely at the Concord Police Department.