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Stephon Marbury, the king of bargain hoops sneakers, has pledged shake up the sneaker industry. Following a series of bold statements on Twitter, Marbury called out specific names in sneaker culture, including the face of the Air Jordan himself: Michael Jordan.

MJ wasn't the only one to catch heat either. Steph added a shot aimed towards LeBron when a follower commented that James' shoes also top the $200 mark.

It all started last week while the former NBA star was discussing the return of his affordable sneaker line, Starbury. Marbury originally launched the collection of shoes as a partnership with now-defunct retailer Steve & Barry's in 2006. The sneakers sold for $15, and were an instant hit, selling out at many locations upon their initial drop. While the line didn't maintain its original popularity for long, it was forced into an "early retirement" when the retailer closed its doors a few years later. 

Marbury is now claiming the brand is coming back, but full details aren't available as to whether it will be in the U.S. or in China, where Marbury has chosen to finish his basketball career. He did, however, claim that the sneakers are being made in the same factories as where Jordan products are built.


#starbury COMING SOON

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After the announcement of the brand's return, he detailed more on Twitter, going on to explain how he'd left America to expand his brand globally, but now the timing was right to return. Following some unsurprising negativity towards the budget-friendly footwear, things started to get even more interesting as Steph began to call out the industry, making a case for his own footwear's importance and quality. 

Steph then left things with a simple pledge: