Dez Bryant Throwing Football
via Matthew Emmons for USA Today Sports

by Brendan Dunne

When Dez Bryant returns to play for the Dallas Cowboys, he'll be doing so in beefed-up cleats made to protect his surgically repaired right foot.

Bryant, a Jordan Brand athlete, has been working with Nike and Jordan Brand to create a cleat that addresses his injury (A broken bone suffered in the Cowboys season opener on Sep. 13). The Dallas Morning News reports that his right shoe now features a strengthened plate on the outside. In order to accommodate the plate, designers had to make the right shoe slightly bigger than the left. Bryant received the new cleats last week and has been wearing them in practice.

Cowboys athletic trainers are also using insoles to provide Bryant with more cushioning.

Bryant is expected to return by Nov. 1 – although the Cowboys say he could play as soon as Sunday against the Giants.