Anthony Davis Free Sneakers
via AntDavis23

by Brendan Dunne

When you're Anthony Davis, you get a lot of Nikes for free. Maybe too many – Davis has labeled the horde above as extras and is giving them all away on social media.

He announced the giveaway on Twitter today, promising to let go of one pair for every day in October.

There's a bit of a catch here though: if the sneakers he's so generously giving away are indeed the ones in the photo, they're all size 17. The number of readers out there with a size 17 foot has to be relatively small, but it's safe to say everyone else would appreciate a free pair of sneakers from Davis regardless. There's no word on what's in the boxes, but something from the Hyperposite line seems likely (or maybe a pair of the Air Max Audacity that he's been wearing lately.

Keep an eye on Davis' Twitter to see how he decides to dole them out.

UPDATE 10/1: Davis has posted the first pair for the giveaway.