by Brendan Dunne

Matt Neal doesn't have the kidney he needs yet, but he's been getting plenty of offers from strangers across the Internet willing to donate theirs.

Neal is the man who posted the now-infamous Facebook photo offering to trade his adidas Yeezy Boosts for a working kidney. In a new interview with Sneaker Watch, he says that people have started to message him on social media with wild requests – some of them are even trying to make money off their kidneys.

"I had one guy actually hit me up last night," Neal said. "He started off at, 'Hey, I'll trade you the Yeezys for the kidney,' then it went to, 'Hey I'll trade you the Yeezys plus $5,000,' then last night it went to, 'Oh I'll trade you the Yeezys plus $10,000.'" 

Neal points out that any sort of swap of his kidney for money or merchandise is illegal. 

In the video, Neal says that he's starting a non-profit organization to help others in similar conditions. Hopefully his proposed Yeezy/kidney trade can end up creating some awareness on a bigger scale.