by Brendan Dunne

Venezuelan socialists will no longer be starved for sneaker options thanks to a new piece of footwear unveiled by the country's president, Nicolas Maduro.

Fusion spotted the bizarre video, seen above, from Saturday's grand unveil of the shoes that happened on state television. In it, Maduro calls the shoes "the boots of Bolivarian youth socialism,” in reference to the Bolivarian Revolution socialist movement.

The sneaker's introduction was apparently part of a speech honoring the country's youth socialist movement. Maduro went so far as to make sure the colorway on these tells a story, as sneaker brands so often do these days. According to him, early supporters of the movement wore red sneakers like these.

The sneaker itself looks like a Converse Chuck Taylor or a PF Flyers design.

Fusion reports that local media couldn't quite figure out if the Venezuelan president was speaking metaphorically here or if these sneakers are actually going to be a thing.

We're hoping for the latter – the world definitely needs more red sneakers right now.