Steph Curry Warrios Parade
via IB Times

by Gerald Flores

Under Armour might be changing the way sneaker brands approach endorsement deals. In its latest effort to edge out competition in the market, Under Armour announced that it locked in endorser Steph Curry for the rest of his foreseeable NBA career and offered him equity in the company. Curry is third pro athlete on the Under Armour roster to get a stake in the company in addition to the standard endorsement contract.

Nike and companies the like haven't still haven't adopted this strategy when recruiting new talent, opting for the traditional cash deal instead. “If it plays out the way Under Armour hopes it plays out, it gives them that little edge when they sit down at the negotiating table with these up-and-coming star athletes,” said Darin White, chairman of the American Marketing Association’s Sports Marketing Academic Society told IB Times. “I think you’ll see Adidas and Nike have to match it.”