Teen Sneaker Thieves
via Facebook

by Brendan Dunne

Facebook sneaker group robbery continues to be a thing, and those doing the robbing continue to prove themselves as some of the dumbest people out there.

The latest unfortunate tale of stolen footwear comes from the group atx small feet size 4-8. A potential seller arranged a deal via the group, only to be robbed by three juveniles. After the victim posted about the robbery in the group, one of the suspects threatened assault in a responding comment. One of the other suspects brazenly posted the stolen shoes for sale again in the same group.

KEYE TV reports that police eventually arrested the trio after one of them used a library computer to post a photo of the shoes with a caption reading "#YOLO."

The suspects were arrested on Sep. 7 and are being held at the Gardner Betts juvenile center in Austin, Texas.