Nikestore Online Raffle
via Nike

by Brendan Dunne

Nikestore is tweaking the way it releases sneakers online once more, presumably in an effort to make things fairer and defeat sneaker bots.

Its latest system for launches, announced Tuesday night, is much like the online raffle announced for in-store releases a few months back. The difference now is the new landing page for Nike Launch Drawings, as they're called, says the system extends to online purchases as well.

Users who win a drawing can pick up the sneakers in-store or have them shipped directly from Nike by purchasing them online on launch day. The upside of this sort of online raffle is it doesn't care about the speed of entry, unlike Nike's old Twitter RSVP system that was compromised by bots and has since been retired. It also gives an opportunity to users who don't live close to a Nike location.

Nike will test the new system on Wednesday, Sep. 9, with the release of the "Bordeaux" Jordan 7. More info on the new system is available via Nike here.