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by Brandon Richard

Sneakerheads are more creative than ever in finding new ways to showcase their latest pickups and on-foot photos. Sometimes, the attempts are entertaining, while others will leave you scratching your head. In the past, the latter has been documented in series of "Doing Too Much With Sneaker Photos" posts.

Sticking with that theme, we've rounded up 20 examples of sneakerheads going to ridiculous lengths to show off their kicks. And while that's not always a bad thing, in most cases, it is.

20. Swimming Pools

Nike Air Foamposite One Gold in Pool Water

Making sure to keep that one foot above water for our enjoyment.

19. Too Real

Air Jordan 6 'Infrared' + 100 Outfit

And to be honest, the outfit is exactly what it says it is.

18. Sneakers On My Mind

Sneakerhead x Griffeys

There's a million versions of this type of photo — the derp face got this guy the nod.

17. Left Hanging

Sneaker Christmas Tree

The wrestling championship belt on the wall says it all.

16. Pushed Aside

Guy Pushes Girlfriend for Stepping On His Nike Air Max 1

It's hard to understand why sneakerheads are stereotyped as basement dwellers with no girlfriends.

15. Hole In a Wall

Anti-Gravity Sneaker Photo
via ki2nen

Worst Mortal Kombat finisher ever.

14. Boxed In

Sneaker Box Sneakerhead

This dude dressed up as the friend zone for Halloween.

13. #SQUAD

Air Jordan 5 Group Photo

They have to get points for commitment to coordination.

12. Shame of Thrones

Throne of Sneakers

If King Joffrey were a 2009 hypebeast.

11. Deep Pockets

Fake Pimp Keeps Sneakers in His Pockets

Somebody get Ne-Yo out his granny's bathroom.

10. Going Under

John Geiger Takes the 'Red October' Nike Air Yeezy 2 Under Water
via John Geiger

This is tame compared to most of the other photos on this list. And John Geiger printed it on a shirt and sold it, so what do we know?

9. Say Cheesy

Air Jordan 8 Prom Picure

Going with Rasheed Wallace makes this acceptable.

8. Too Cool

Dude Eats Ramen Noodles Out of His Air Jordan 12s

When you spent the grocery budget on Jordans.

7. Animal Instinct

Shoezeum Shows the Nike Dunk Low In Front of a Jaguar at the Zoo

Shoezeum had a lot to choose from here. A LOT. Like a world record amount of examples.

6. Just Coastin'

Air Jordan 1 Roller Coaster

Not every picture on this list is corny. This guy's a legend.

5. Footprint

Air Jordan 1 Foot Tattoo

The tattoo still isn't as bad as that disgusting toenail, though.

4. Take A Stab At It

Air Jordan 5 Toro Bloody Knife
via certifiedshots

For context, the photographer shared this photo on Halloween. With that said, no.

3. Con-dumb-ments

Nike Air Foamposite One Ketchup & Mustard

Appropriate for two guys with absolutely terrible taste.

2. Indecent Exposure

Butt Ass Naked Air Jordan 8 Playoff Photo

Something to think about when you buy your next pair of kicks from a reseller.

1. Misfire

Nike Air Yeezy 2 Red October Gun

Unquestionably the dumbest sneaker photo to ever hit the web. After making its way to social timelines earlier this year, the image was universally panned by the sneaker community.