Kanye West 3D Printing Yeezy
via Gawker

by Brendan Dunne

3D printing is changing the way designers build footwear, allowing for a faster sampling process that lets them hold their creations without having to rely on an overseas factory.

For what it's worth, Kanye West isn't all the way on board with 3D printing. In a episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians from a week back, Kanye visited an art school in Armenia and expressed his fear over the power 3D printing could give copycats.

"This is what I'm afraid of right here, 3D printing," Kanye says in a clip captured by Gawker. "Because the Internet destroyed the music industry and now this is what we're afraid of right now with the textile industry...there will come a time where it's like, people are making the shoes at home."

Anyone have a CAD file for the Yeezy Boosts yet?