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by Brendan Dunne

Move over Kanye x adidas, there's another rapper/shoe company duo in town.

The Ja Rule x Steve Madden collection might not create the same sort of chaos and resell prices, but it's every bit as entertaining. Breaking down the relationship between these two titans in their respective fields is a new interview from Footwear News.

In the piece, Ja Rule explained that the handcuff and key detailing found on the sneakers is representative of both he and Madden having spent time behind bars.

“The cuffs represent me and Steve’s struggles, and the key represents the outcome — freedom and the keys to success,” Ja Rule told FN. “I wanted to add those to the shoe as a personal touch and a reminder of where we’ve been and where we’re going.”

Madden seems enthusiastic about the line, bestowing it with the three most important adjectives in footwear salesmanship: "functional, fun and swaggy."

According to the interview, it was Murda Inc. mastermind Irv Gotti who was responsible for putting together this powerful combination of business minds, a crime that he's so far managed to avoid charges for.

The Ja Rule x Steve Madden collection can be perused, and even purchased (if that's your thing), here.

via Steve Madden
via Steve Madden
via Steve Madden