by Nick Engvall

It’s hard to believe, but eBay has been around for 20 years. The multi-billion dollar corporation not only changed the way auctions work, but it also transformed sneaker culture. How else could you track down that long-lost grail from your high school days if it wasn’t from eBay? Here are 20 things eBay has taught footwear enthuasiasts.

Anyone Can Become a Reseller of Sneakers

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Hate it or love it, resellers are a huge part of sneakers. But when it comes to anyone and everyone thinking they can flip a pair of shoes, we have eBay to thank for that. 

It Created a Platform for Customizers to Sell Their Creations

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For better or worse, if you can customize a pair of sneakers, you can sell them on eBay. Hint: if reading this gives you the idea to try it, please don't.

You Can Start an Entire Business on eBay

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Whether you're selling consignment like some of the OGs from the SC forums, or creating unique lifestyle product like these storage boxes, eBay helped establish a secondary market for entrepreneurs to make things happen. 

It's Harder Than Ever to Spot Fakes

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The thing that eBay doesn't do is ensure that the picture posted is actually the shoe you're bidding on. That makes it easy for shady folks to sell fakes. Most of us have probably gotten ripped off by a scammer at some point. If you haven't, you're lucky. 

Some Sneakers Would Be Better Forgotten

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Whether it's the over hybridization of silhouettes, or the incredibly poor usage of patent leather, you can find all sorts of sneakers that should have never made it to retailers. 

There Are a LOT of Pairs Are Out There

There are over 56,000 listings under "Jordan retro." Yeah, about that "limited" thing that every seller preaches... 

The Names of Vintage Shoes

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We all have our areas of expertise. So when it comes time to recall that pair of sneakers that is retroing for the first time, you can say you have always been a fan of the Saucony ZX2. Even though it came out 9 years before you were born. 

There Are a Lot of Suckers In The World

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We're not saying you're a sucker if you spell "Jordan" as "Jordon" in your listing, because we've all had typos at some point, but it's certainly not helping your auction. 

Created Opportunities For Sneaker Artists To Sell Their Art

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Not everyone can capture the attention of the entire sneaker community with their artwork like the scene pillar Dave White. However, eBay gave sneaker artists the chance to reach further than forums and message boards ever did. 

Sneakers Are Worldwide

Europe, Japan, Australia, or wherever you're from, there are people in your city, town or neighborhood that are into sneakers

There's Seemingly No Limit to How Much People Will Spend on Sneakers

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If you got it, flaunt it. Or something. 

Sneakers Exist That We Could Have Never Imagined

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Even toys wear sneakers. Seriously, you would have never known.

If We Can’t Get The Shoes, We Can Find Something Else

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You're more than likely not going to have the entire 1988 Nike Basketball catalog in your collection. But thanks to eBay, you can collect all those vintage ads and catalogs. 

There Are More Knockoffs Than We Could Ever Imagine

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"Air" is now a brand available on eBay. Maybe they're the next Hender Scheme? 

Selling Isn't Easy - There's a Right Way and a Wrong Way to Do It

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You probably already know this if you're selling on eBay. But in case you're new to it, be smart about it and it will work in your favor. 

Our Sneakers Aren't Worth As Much As We Think They Are

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Sentimental value is a beautiful thing but don't forget about that saying "to each his own." That applies to sneakers more than anything. Also, the price you paid for something has absolutely zero relevance to potential buyers. 

Sellers Will Use Any Excuse to Charge More

Maybe we're missing something, but even after reading this entire description, $25k still doesn't seem right.

Sneakers Are Not a Good Investment

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As Campless pointed out, sneakers are more like drugs than stocks. That said, you still see people forgetting to realize that most sneakers depreciate in value over time. They also tend to become unwearable. If you want to make money, buy stock in a company before you buy sneakers to resell. 

There Are Some Positive Things That Can Come From eBay Auctions

As proven by the Doernbecher Auctions earlier this year, good things can still happen from eBay auctions. The Doernbecher charity raised upwards of $200k for charity throughout its partnership with eBay. 

Just Because a Seller Says It, Doesn't Mean It's True

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In 2005, Nike SB and eBay teamed up for a Dunk Low that was auctioned off for charity. There was supposed to be just one pair created – the second sample was cut into pieces to prove this point. But then in 2012, when Sandy Bodecker left Nike SB, he was spotted wearing a pair. It just means that, as much as we love eBay, the most important advice for using it is: buyer beware.