by Brendan Dunne

Kanye West's presence in NYC for New York Fashion week has had throngs of people constantly camped outside his apartment in SoHo, many of them hoping to pass him a mixtape or get him to sign some sneakers. Kanye isn't the only one being awkwardly passed off shoes to sign in the streets of NYC this week though.

In the above video, Drake is seen leaving Kanye's Yeezy Season 2 fashion show while being bombarded by calls for his attention. He nearly makes it to his van without incident until, at the last second, a hand pops out and shoves a pair of "OVO" Jordan 10s into his chest.

Drake doesn't seem too upset, grabbing the sneakers, signing them, and handing them back, but it's still pretty amusing to see him ambushed in this manner. At least the guy said "thank you."

via kinggsoles